Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Round 3

Oh, No tells the story of a little mouse who is running from a tiger and ends up in a hole, oh, no!  Animal after animal attempt to help each other out of the hole and they all end up in the bottom of the deep, deep hole.  The rhythm of this book is delightful and contagious. The kids can't help but read along.  The illustrations are beautiful and engaging.  If I had to bet, I would pick this as a definite Caldecott contender. The students at Bandelier get to choose the Beardacott, let's see what they chose!

Chloe and the Lion is not like any other book I've read.  The claymation type author and illustrator interject their thoughts and ideas throughout the story making it a surprising and hilarious read.  Chloe, meanwhile, is eager for her adventure. 

Chloe and the Lion was the clear winner for this round! Can't wait to see what wins next.

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