Monday, December 17, 2012

Round Two

Round two in the first annual Beardacott Awards and another clear winner!  The two books I read this week were full of sweet adventure.  We went over the criteria for the Caldecott award and I was surprised to see how fast one book took and kept the lead!

 Red Knit Cap Girl lives with her animal friends in an enchanted forest. There is so much to see and do, but more than anything Red Knit Cap Girl wishes she could talk to the Moon. This story takes us  on a journey of curiosity, imagination, and joy as they search for a way to meet the Moon.
This looks like an ordinary box full of ordinary yarn.
But it turns out it isn’t.Watch the pages change as Annabelle knits sweaters for everyone and everything in her surroundings.  A book of magical fun.

Extra Yarn won this round, can't wait to see what wins next time.  Each of these books would make a great gift for kids of all ages.  Happy Holidays!

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