Monday, January 28, 2013

Round 5

Our three choices for this week were:
Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff is the adorable story of Baby Bear noticing the colors of the world.  The illustrations are vibrant and beautiful and the story is one all kids and adults can relate to.  Question after question about the world come from Baby Bear and are answered by Mama.

Laura Vaccaro Seeger's book Green is a creative look at the green in our surroundings.  Each page has a cutout that leads to the next page in a surprising way.  Kids love figuring out the puzzle of what came before and what will come next.
More is the story of a greedy Magpie who ends up with way more stuff than he has room for, sound familiar?  This sparsely worded book has detailed illustrations that are captivating in their story.  A good lesson for all of us about how much is enough.

This was the closest vote yet, More was the winner by just a few votes.  We'll get to see the winner of the first ever Beardacott award next week!

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