Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Give Books, and get some with a giveaway!

I love to give books for the holidays.  It's a fun challenge for me to pick something that the recipient will truly love (and a whole different challenge to get them to actually read it!).  These are my two picks for elementary aged kids this year.

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great
by Bob Shea

This book reminds us that we all have wonderful qualities and it's a waste of time to be envious of what others are able to do, comparison is no fun at any age.  Unicorn and Goat also remind us to have fun and that we CAN be friends even if at first we didn't think we could.  The book is labeled as K-2 interest level but my 4th and 5th graders loved it too and got the meaning on a whole different level.  The book is hilarious and so is this book trailer.  Enjoy!

The Illuminated Adventures of Flora and Ulysses
by Kate DiCamillo

I love so many of Kate DiCamillo's books so I was super excited for a new release.  This book will not disappoint!  Flora is a self described cynic who comes into unexpected contact with a special squirrel, Ulysses.  Their adventures are sure to entertain and the added bonus of comics and illustrations makes this little book a true gem.  The reading level is 4th grade but I think kids (and adults) of all ages would enjoy reading this book or having it read to them.  See the trailer here.

What's your favorite book to give?  Leave your suggestion in the comments below and win a free book!  Winners will be chosen on Thursday November 21st.  May the odds be ever in your favor...

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