Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooky Books

This week we got in the mood of the season with picture books. The 2nd and 3rd graders learned about alliteration with the book Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds (Chicks and Salsa and Superhero School with super cool illustrations by Peter Brown (The Curious Garden and Kaline Klattermaster's Tree House).   Jasper the rabbit LOVES carrots, until they start stalking him.  How will he deal with the "creepy carrots"? 

The 4th and 5th graders worked on the idea of theme with the book Last Laughs: Animal Epitaphs by J. Patrick Lewis (Once Upon a Tomb and Please Bury Me In the Library) Jane Yolen (Owl Moon and Meow, Cat Stories From Around the World) with illustrations by Jeffrey Stewart Timmins (Rapunzel and Cinderella the graphic novels) We had to put aside our love for animals in this "punny" book filled with silly epitaphs for animals we love.  My favorite is:

"Cooked Goose
He was Canada born
and Canada bred,
and here he lies--
Canada dead."

The kinder and 1st grade students read Spike the Mixed up Monster by Susan Hood (Little Red Cowboy Hat) with adorable illustrations by Melissa Sweet (Balloons Over Broadway and Schoolyard Rhymes).  Spike wants more than anything to be scary but all his friends keep telling him how sweet he is.  How will he save the day?

What's your favorite read for this time of year?

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