Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Fair!

It's that time of year. The fall book fair is opening its doors on Monday and will be open through Saturday night.  For more information click here.  All students will visit the book fair at their regularly scheduled library time with their class once during the week.  The book fair is also open during morning and afternoon recess for those who have money burning a hole in their pockets.
Tips for book fair:
  • Send money in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it.  Money always gets lost during the fair and it's impossible to tell who it belongs too.
  • Before visiting the books fair set a limit for how much money will be spent and what kinds of things can be purchased.  Books only?  Toys and pencils?
  • The busiest time of book fair seems to be right after the bell rings.  If you want to be able to have more room and time to read the books offered, come between 4 and 5 to avoid the crowd.
Thanks so much for supporting the Bandelier Library and PTA with your book fair purchases!

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