Friday, May 16, 2014

Screen Free Week!


Last week was Screen Free Week!
We had our first group of participating families sign up and forgo screens all week.  We offered a free book exchange in the library for kids who participated to encourage kids to read instead.  I heard from several kids that they were enjoying the week with more time outside.  I had reports from other families that it was a hard week without the screens and it lead to more arguing and whining.  What was your experience like?

I have always had an "unhealthy" relationship with screens. One of my favorite childhood stories to tell is the time my dad picked up our little black and white T. V. that was encased in plastic and threw it out the door.  I'm sure it was because we wouldn't turn it off the exact moment he asked us to because I have experienced that same desire numerous times since having children.  The T. V. bounced and we were able to plug it back in once he decided he wanted to watch 60 minutes.  When I had my own children I decided we weren't going to have TV in the house.  That lasted...2 years.  Now we use it as a reward for excellent days at school and we watch on the weekends.  My son's favorite screen activity is now Minecraft (of course!) and my daughter watches the most annoying, squeaky shows she can find. 

Screen Free Week is a good reminder to us that there are lots of other things we'd rather be doing.  It's good to break our routine and habit around screens.

Next year's Screen Free Week is May 4-10, put it on your calendar!

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