Friday, February 28, 2014

Dr. Seuss

Since March is the month of Dr. Seuss (his birthday is March 2nd) I thought it was the perfect way to start out our Read Aloud posts.  I love reading Dr. Seuss books aloud to kids of all ages.  It is fascinating to me that he was able to write books so long ago (he would have been 110 this year) that apply with such accuracy to today's topics and issues.  The wild illustrations never lose their appeal, making the books extra special.  If you haven't read a Dr. Seuss book in a while that is where I suggest you start, pick up your favorite and read it aloud.  You'll be surprised at what fun it is, 15 minutes of reading aloud will fly by!
Tell us, what's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?  

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